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American Soju Products

American Soju is a No HangOver Premium Distilled Clear Spirit which can be enjoyed by itself chilled/ice or mixed with your favorite mixer.  1/2 the calories of Vodka but Ultra Smooth with a super clean taste.  So Smooth it's Dangerous! The Original American Low ABV Spirit!

Made with Rocky Mountain water
Distilled 6X
100% Natural Ingredients
Zero Sugar & Zero carbs
Naturally Gluten Free!
All Flavors are 20% Alc/Vol.



Gold Medal Winner @ 2021 Las Vegas Global Spirit Awards.

Original flavor is full bodied clean crisp light taste with a zest at the end.  Goes great with just about any type of food.  Can enjoy chilled/ice or mix with your favorite mixer.  Try the Seoul Mule or a Sojurita recipe.


Silver Medal Winnder @ 2021 Las Vegas Global Spirit Awards.  Cucumber flavor is extremely smooth and has a hint of sweet and that refreshing cucumber taste that everyone loves.  The K-Cumber or  K-Cumber Delight is an easy to make refreshing delicious cocktail!


Silver Medal Winner @ 2021 Las Vegas Global Spirits Awards. 

Lemon flavor has the same crisp light sweet taste as the  Original but with a fresh hint of lemon to level out the zest at the end.  Lemon Soju makes a great Lemon Spritzer, Hard Lemonade, or Lemon droptini.


Silver Medal Winner @ 2021 Las Vegas Global Spirits Awards. 

Watermelon flavor is an all time American Summer  favorite.  Sweet and refreshing reminding you of summer time BBQs and parties.  Watermelon Punch or the Twisted Melon are great tasting cocktail everyone will enjoy at any party!


Sojurita is Here!

Premium Soju Margarita

Made with 6x Distilled Premium Soju

A Legit canned cocktail with 10% alc/vol

So Good it's Dangerous!

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